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About YouDolls


Today's kids and their parents are more diverse and unique in their look, clothing style and hobbies than ever before. The same can’t be said for their toys. Big toy companies mainly offer them standardized products made in hundreds of thousands of identical units.This is particularly true when it comes to girls’ favorite toys, fashion dolls. 

By contrast, we believe in empowering kids and let them contribute to the creation of their toys. Every girl is unique and their favorite toy should be too. We want to challenge our girls' creative instincts, raise their self-esteem and celebrate their uniqueness. So we decided to do something about it and develop a new fashion doll that girls can entirely co-create online to make their very own doll combination. YouDolls is truly a celebration of creativity and diversity. 

How about giving girls the key to the toy factory? Co-creating a doll on is more fun, more social and more creative than buying a standardized product at retail.


At, our intuitive “Creation Station” allows you to co-create your fashion doll in a few easy steps: 

FIRST, DECIDE WHAT SHE WILL LOOK LIKE: select your doll’s physical attributes including skin tone, eye color, hair color and hairstyle. 

It's all about diversity: so whether a girl has a fair skin tone or a dark one, straight dark hair or wavy red hair she can create a doll that is a true reflection of her own distinctive look, taste and personality. YouDolls are truly a celebration of you and of diversity.

SECOND, DECIDE WHAT SHE WILL WEAR: you can select what your doll will wear from among dozens of fashion choices. Working with high-quality fabric, we developed a variety of outfits. From sophisticated evening dresses to casual and stylish jeans that reflect contemporary styles and fashion. All that without crossing lines inappropriate for our young audience. We also offer workout and yoga outfits for the more sporty girls out there. 

We plan to introduce more fashion styles on a regular basis but also let kids submit their own fashion drawings for us to make under their own name.

THIRD, CHOOSE AN ACCESSORY PACK: unlike those pre-packaged dolls at the store, girls can also pick the accessory pack that mean the most to them to complement their doll. So, if your girl plays soccer, the guitar, loves golden retriever puppies and travelling: go ahead, pick one of these. We have over 40 different accessory packs to pick from.

FOURTH, PICK THE WORLD SHE LIVES IN: you can customize the display inside the box from among 13 choices and place the doll in an environment personal to the recipient such as a sandy beach, the New York skyline or a red carpet event. 

FINALLY, NAME HER: as a final touch, if you want to,  you can name your doll by adding a custom label to the front so you know it was designed BY and JUST for you. 



YouDolls is 12 inch tall, fully articulated and fully poseable. When it came down to hair, we contacted dozens of vendors to find the softest, highest quality hair in the world for our dolls because let’s face it: brushing a doll’s hair is one of the first things girls do with their dolls.


The YouDolls are assembled in California and shipped directly to you in a beautiful luxury box all ready to be gifted. Our innovative and easy to open packaging is created so that your doll can be stored and displayed in its original box even after opening. So our doll is playable, displayable and collectible! 


Don't worry, our dolls are subject to exactly the same rigorous industry-standard child safety tests as the ones you purchase at retail. We would not let our own kids play with them if they were not safe. However, we recommend not to gift them to girls under the age of 6 because of the potential risk of small parts.

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